HEY Y'ALL! I'm Maddy, and I have NO IDEA where to even begin... It's always so much harder talking about yourself, right?!? If I had to choose three words to describe myself it would be EMOTIONAL + BOLD  + PURPOSEFUL, and the fact that I guess you could say I get to stop time. It is crucial for me to bring all of these elements out through the images we create together. The BEST part of photography is that you get to be be a storyteller of that moment in time, you get to show someone how they look through someone else's eye. You get to take away the mirror and show them what is really there. I get to create something that allows you to see just how amazing you really are, how beautiful, fun, and special your family is, your big day, your....everything. We get to stop that defining moment in time forever. Our goal is to make each and every moment LAST.